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HGU-9/P SAC Helmet in my Collection

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SAC always maintained that it needed a flight helmet without a visor. The HGU-9/P fulfilled this requirement in the early/mid 1960s. The HGU-9/P was manufactured by

the Bill Jack Scientific Instrument Company. Bill Jack was bought out by CAL-MIL Plastics around 1965 and CAL-MIL continued to make this helmet into the early 70s when it was finally discontinued.

The HGU-9/ was equipped with an MBU-5/P Oxygen mask, H-154/AIC Headset and used in USAF Bomber Aircraft. Aircrew were issued the gold coated nuclear flash goggles for wear with nearly every USAF flight helmet including the HGU-9/P. The Foamrubber liners in these helmets deteriorate to dust and very few of the liners exist today. This helmet had the rayon cloth liner but no Foamrubber liner. I was able to work with a company here in North Carolina and fabricate a replacement liner for this helmet. If there is any interest we could make a few more.




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I just picked up a Bill Jack AFD10-9B with a SAC decal on top and a snap-on sun visor. As expected the liner is in poor shape. Is there any chance that the company in North Carolina that made a replacement for yours can still make one?

Cheers! M2

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