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Consolidated Vultee pilot wings

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These are a pair of Consolidated Vultee wings that I purchased at the Fort Worth Military show. I have always wanted a pair, but was just too cheap :lol: I broke down and bought them for a fair price, and they are now the Queen of the collection (move over Dallas and trainer wings) These aint the best seen but they are mine. they were used by Consairways pilots during the war, and by some of Consolidateds test pilots, so I have been told. They are sterling, with some honest wear. Dave

P.S. It was a great show.






Thanks to all of those who served.

Always searching for odd or unusual items pertaining to Aircraft Manufacturing Plant #4 in Fort Worth, Texas


Consolidated Aircraft - Consolidated Vultee - Convair - General Dynamics items

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Very nice. I understand what you mean about being too cheep sometimes. That's me too, but when that special piece comes along...... bravo.gif

Collecting and learning since 1970



Life Member, Disabled American Veterans
Member Dorsey-Liberty Post 14, American Legion

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Good for you. That feeling of satisfaction that comes with owning a prize piece can't be beat. thumbsup.gif

This DAY of FREEDOM brought to you by current Military Personnel and Veterans.




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