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dog tags of prisoner of war

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I have a couple of dogtags on my collection and some of them belonged to american soldiers who were taken as prisoner during world war II.


Prince F Walter was in the infantry and was captured on the North African Theater of Operation (Tunisia) and was interned in the Stalag 2B Hammerstein (99 work camps in vicinity of Koslin & Stolp) West Prussia 53-17.







The national archives mention that he was in the Infantry but I don't know wich unit yet. If someone have more informations about him ?


Here a picture of him and his wife :




Him and his daughter :







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It's so nice that you have all those photos to go along with the tag!


It looks like he was with the 47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Division.




Parent unit number is 0047 which should mean 47th Infantry Regiment.



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Hey Rob,


Thanks for this informations.


The 47th infantry regiment fought in Tunisia where Prince was taken as prisonner ;)



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