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Gilded brass with crown. Any idea what this is?

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The crown looks like a British Queen's crown, the plate looks about right for a cartidge box shoulder belt (but possibly a bit small). It's possible that the Queen's Own Regiment might have worn such a thing during the AWI or war of 1812, whether they served in North America I don't know. It is also possible this is Victorian and might come from a Canadian Regiment or a British Regiment, perhaps from the Riel's Rebellion era, when they were still wearing the cross belt equipment and using Snider-Enfields.


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As Grant said, that is a queen's crown, and to me, it looks like the crown of Queen Victoria, so it dates to the years of her reigned from 1837 to 1901, so that is a pretty wide time period for this belt plate to have been manufactured and used. I'll be honest- it looks pretty cheaply made for a Victorian period military accoutrement, so it could be something from one of the colonies. It most definitely does NOT date back to the American Revolution or the War of 1812.



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