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I pick this life preserver up last year and forgot about it until I was cleaning out my walk in closet. In the contract date it has 1954 at the end, is that the date is was used? There is some reflecting material on each of the shoulders. Here are some pictures.



post-2501-1213621702.jpg post-2501-1213621691.jpg post-2501-1213621679.jpg


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I think it is a 1985 vest, based on the two digit date code after the DLA#




Sure is a 1985 vest.

316th FS 324th FG is on the ball.

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Thanks guys I had no idea.



I keep this in a text file on my computer's desktop for easy reference:


Military procurement was done through the Defense Supply Agency 1962-1977 and all contracts had a DSA prefix. The dates were by fiscal year...July 1 through June 30. Fiscal year 1962 had a DSA 1 prefix and E-62 suffix. 1963 and 1964 were the same but substitute "63" or "64" in the suffix. Fiscal year 1965 will just have the DSA 1 prefix and no date code. Fiscal year 1966 will have a DSA 100 prefix and no date code. Starting in 1967 there will be a DSA 100 prefix plus a two digit date code. So, for example, fiscal year 1968 contracts will have a DSA 100-68 prefix.


Contract numbers

WW2 - 195? no prefix - Contract for U.S Marine Corps (BuSandA symbol, stamped in sleeve)

1946 - 195? "Supply Department of the United States Marine Corps" and date (stamped in sleeve)

1953 – 1961 DA (Defense Agency)

confirmed examples of contract numbers: 1957 – 1961 DA prefix on the tag

1962 – 1977 DSA (Defense Supply Agency)

confirmed examples of contract numbers: 1962 – 1977 DSA prefix on the tag

1978 – 1993 DLA (Defense Logistic Agency)

confirmed examples of contract numbers: 1978 – 1993 DLA prefix on the tag

1994 – 2003 SPO (System Program Offices)

confirmed examples of contract numbers: 1994 – present SPO prefix on the tag


Stock numbers

195? - 1956 example of stock number "72-R-307-112" ????

1957 – 1975 FSN (Federal stock number), 11-digit number

1975 – present NSN (National stock number), 13-digit number







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