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Naval Air Squadrons - Fixed Wing 'V' Squadrons


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Hi All,


See two of my favorite USN A-4 Skyhawk related patches. They are among my more rare attack squadron patches and both related to my late father's command. Both those VSF squadrons were short lived. Having been decommissioned immediately following their single combat deployment.  Thereafter elements of both squadrons were merged with VA-152.  All of which allowed VA-152 to transition from the Skyraider to the Skyhawk.


This is the second version of the VSF-1 Warhawks patch and one of the two the squadron had made. 




Next is the VSF-3 Chessman patch. Created when the newly formed squadron came off line to Yokosuka in 1967. Up and until that time the squadron members wore the VSF-1 patch. As explained to me by members of VSF-3, they were hastily formed using VSF-1 squadron members. Thereafter immediately deployed to the Gulf of Tonkin aboard the (CVS-11) USS Intrepid.   The Chessmen patch is among the nicest constructed Vietnam era squadron patch I've encountered to date. 




That 1st version of the VSF-1 Warhawks squadron patch can be seen attached to the skipper's G-1 directly below.





Cheers, Dave

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Salvage Sailor

Air Anti-Submarine Squadron THIRTY TWO (VS-32)


Always be nice to your flight deck mechanics



Keelers Healers VS-32 Power Plants, Locheed S-3A Vikings




An S-3A of VS-32 assigned to CVW-1 aboard USS America in 1982 (note the red v chevron on the engine cowling & the patch)


VS 32 Maulers Keelers Healers Power Plants 002.jpg

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