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A Vietnam war era incountry made 9th ID Radio Research Team patch

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Whats your friends name that owns this hat? Maybe I can find his name in the Recondo School book by Tom Halliwell


The point was that the "administrator" who is so certain of the validity of the original patch in question is not really all that reliable in his assertion based on only a photo image. That's the only reason the recondo patch was brought up. If you want the name of the person with the hat I could give it to you but he isn't at the heart of this argument. The point is that the validity of the provenance of the patch in actual question is unproven at best. One , to me likelyexpert opinion, given to me by veterans of an actual radio recon group, with no patches to sell, says it is bogus. Show me some proof that the real patch in question is real that it is a genuine relic of the Vietnam war first then we have something to talk about.. I know what the true story is as far as the recondo patch I put in a post is. He didn't go to any Recondo school.

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This quote from you "the heart of this argument" has me now believing that all you want to do is argue.I'm not here to argue,and at this point I'm quite certain that there is no amount of "proof" that anyone could ever give you that would convince you of the patches' authenticity.


Honestly,it is not important to me whether or not you believe my patch is authentic.


There is nothing I have to "prove" to you.I have received the "thumbs up" from two of the most knowledgeable men in the hobby,Bill Scott(Rarepatchman on eBay),and Bob Chatt(Vintageproductions on eBay and his own site),so that is good enough for me.


I'm finished going back and forth with you about this.If you want to argue with the others about the Recondo patch,then move it to another thread.

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roger that Niner Alpha,


I'll let the others attempt to prove the Radio patch authenticity but......... I still don't see how you can argue with the proof in pictures and posts that has been put forward in regards to the difference between the 1st Recondo Brigade pins and patches and the MACV Recondo School patch and the differences there in.


As Vintage Productions said the 1st Bde Recondo pins where very similar to the MACV Recondo school patch but not the same.


And not to say this is an exact rendition of it but not to mention the roles undertaken by the different units as in LRRP units being long range recon utilizing 5-6 man teams and parts of say 2/39th being in platoon, company and even Bn. size patrols.


It says it plain as day in Hackworths book, words to the effect that they where only called Hardcore Recondo to instill a little more pride in the unit and make them feel special like an Airborne unit.


Id like to check if that friend did attend Recondo School just for interest sake.






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