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Turbine conversion?


I've wanted a T-6 of my own since I was a little kid; one of the lawyers in my podunk home town had one.


But, as a crusty old warrant once told me...if it flies, floats or f***s, it's cheaper to rent...




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Nice shot!


That's the Western Museum of Flight's XAT-6E replica. The XAT-6E was a one-off prototype produced by mating an AT-6D airframe with a Fairchild Ranger V-12.


More info HERE...



Here's a poor image showing the original bird:



Found on Epay



Fade to Black...

Steve O. Reno

(formerly BlackWolf3945 here on USMF)

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug...


Seeking Curtiss-Wright aircraft photos, especially the P-40, P-36, & O-52...

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