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WWII Pipeline?


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I was told that this is a part of the pipeline the Americans constructed in '44 - '45 near Maastricht. Can someone confirm if this is a part of a WWII US Pipeline or not?

This is what I found about it: On the 8th of December work on a pipeline from Antwerp to Maastricht started with help from 21st Amry Group.

By the end of January 1945 the US POL pipeline from Antwerp to Maastricht is in service. The northern system consisted of a 6-inch and 4-inch lines from Antwerp to Maastricht.







Photos are taken with a phone, not that good quality.

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I can't help you with that particular pipe. It appears that it might be the right size, but condition is a different story. Weather plays a big factor in that.

But did find this site that might give slightly more detail than what you have. Seems to specify locations a bit more.



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The pipe is petroleum hard pipe, so you are probably looking at this being the pipeline that you supposed it to be.

I was a Petroleum Supply Officer in Desert Shield and Storm. the pipes used today are a bit different, but the pipe end in the photo is definitely petroleum grade pipe.



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I once walked part of a Normandy pipeline path, and they was nothing left but what must have been the right of way. That's probably a pretty rare item as I would bet most was pulled up and reutilized for other things, or just scrapped.


By the way, for all the talk of PLUTO and every show on D-day mentioning it, it was actually a pretty horrible failure. If you compare the actual amount of POL it carried it was really small. Which was why they stopped using it pretty quickly and just had the tankers dock. But, have film of something cool and it will be used in documentaries forever, with no one ever questioning it.

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