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Mexican War Veterans Medal and related Civil War manual


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Hello, I am new to the forums here. I do some metal detecting and militaria collecting as well. I was hoping for some info about a medal and manual I picked up yesterday. The Medal is engraved John Hickey and the manual has a handwritten notation..." Uncle John Hickey's". Any help would be appreciated. Paul




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Nice planchet. ..the ribbon and top suspension bar is missing.I can not tell if yours is the 2/3 size issued by the Dames of the Dames of the 1846 Auxiliary of the Mexican War Veterans or the Larger Association of Veteran's version.I think these were issued out in the 1870' s.


It is not numbered and I think yours is a Association of Veteran's and not the smaller Dames.

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use your Bing Fu and you will see more about it.
Mexican War Shield. National Association of Veterans

Looks like Tarbridge was faster on the draw than I was.

Semper Fi


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Thanks for the information. The manual is Casey's Infantry manual 1862 vol. 1. Is it at all possible that this man fought in both wars?...or maybe just had the Civil war manual amongst his later life possessions? Paul

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