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I have this Cot I picked up a while back at a tag sale and have no clue at all. I can't find anything about


or find one like it online?


I know it is old(square nuts and aged wood) but that's all I know.




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Poser? Any help would be appreciated as it is large and soon the "other" will start asking why.And how


it might make a nice base for a bonfire. I need some justification for storing it lol.

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A friend had a similar cot to this one, from the 1870's.  He told me that they were made back into the 1850's, and were known to be used by officers during the US Civil War.  A similar one showed up at a show last year, but the construction was different from my friend's cot- It looked more like yours and I believe it was early 20th century.  

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