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I will drop in a few from the Viet era. These are Navy EC121 related. This plane type would be similar to the one shot down by the North Koreans in April of 1969. They flew Aerial Recon and signal detection and jamming. I am sure some other member may be able to tell us more. The Golden Screw patch is somewhat of an unknown as far as meaning and or purpose.





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Very cool! My sister is a CTICS, brother-in-law is CRTCM, son former CTMSN and nephew is CTN3. They have been stationed at several of the locations o these patches.

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Nice additions Irish, thanks for adding...Sigs.... That is just too many CT's in one family, The SBI interviews must have been a hoot.

. Yeah, and to think I harassed the CT det guys when we carried them. They would set up shop on my bridge since they could put their antennas up there and run cable every where. Always had to have "The Talk" and make sure they knew it was MY bridge and my guys would come and go as they pleased. The DET were guests in my spaces and would act accordingly. Never really had an issue with them and usually they just became like any other crew doing their job, sharing space.
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