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Strange cartridge with teeth

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It looks like an artillery primer.

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Its like a primer in a shotgun shell.The center has to be struck with a firing pin.


IM assuming this is inserted into the center hole in a casing to be used to fire the round and is initially separate from the casing.

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it's for sure a arty primer, its for non fixed ammo ie. seperate loading ammo.which is where the arty. round is loaded into the tube seperately from the powder charge. after which the breech is closed, the primer is placed under the firing pin, then the lanyard is attached (unless your gonna john wayne it).i would say that your primer is most likely from a 175mm tube, but it could be for any thing up to a 203mm. the pics are hard to judge as to size. oh, the teeth are just the opened end of the primer after its fired, sort of like what happens to a shotgun shell.

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