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Early USAF Officer's Cap Badge Dating, Made by AMCRAFT.


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I have a couple examples of this nicely made Early U.S. Air Force Officer's Cap Badge, Made by Amcraft, most likely in the 1940s. Marked " AMCRAFT / Attleboro / Mass / ACID TEST ". Measures 2-3/8" high by 2-1/4" wide, with matching silver/grey plastic nut, which is typically the size for the Male Visor Cap Badge.


Given the Maker Mark, if this was done in Brass or Silver Gilt, you'd call it WW2 Era in a heartbeat, but obviously a stamped or die struck silvered metal. I am honestly not sure how long Amcraft used this maker mark, or is this possibly a restrike using earlier dies...


For any of you Early Air Force Insignia experts, can you date the manufacture of this badge?


Thanks, Rich



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