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Female Recipient Of Combat Medical Badge

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I know that people with 91 MOS and 67/68 SSI (It has been a few years and know some of this has changed) are eligible and as someone said they have to be directly in support of combat operations. I'd be glad to post the criteria but I get security warnings everytime I go to a military site. Anyone want to share one? Here is what wiki says and it really doesn't seem to be very specific. I know if I was a combat medic assigned to medical unit I'd brag to high heaven. This is amazingly vague. Like I said, if you have proof post it. I'm only posted it because it was a little hinky. Don't shoot the messenger. I'd love to see what her MOS was and I'd be fine. I can't find it anywhere.


As for a woman getting one, that was never my issue. I didn't start the discussion.


Perhaps you might contact Representative Gabbards office directly and inquire.

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She is now a Democratic candidate for President.


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