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WWII PARAKIT Combo Toilet Apron and Furlough Bag


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I was digging around in the WWII personal gear tub I keep in the cave and blundered back onto this item. It is a light weight bag that could be used to hold clothing and personal items for a few days of furlough. The web strap can be used for a shoulder strap or as a carry handle. With the clothing removed it can also be used as a full toiletry apron. Take a good look at the instruction sheet that was still inside the bag to see all of the different ways it can be used. The item would appear to be mint/unused, but a Martin H. Hunker stamped the dickens out of it on the inside.





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That is really cool kit. Probably not something a front line soldier would have had for his trip to Paris or Auckland, but an interesting kit nonetheless. Have you tried loading it to see how comfortable it feels?



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