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Necessary To Cite Link to Online Source Images?

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Are members required to cite the source of images used as references in order to post them in threads?


Example: using a photograph from Find-A-Grave or from a Bomb Group Assn. website...






***Items from unit called 8th Field Depot***

[Most frequently-sought unit because of family connection]


Intact ["out of the woodwork"] Marine Corps combat groups from WWII.


Unique items signed by many Marines from one unit, or inscribed with combat history.


Marine Corps valor recipient items.


Souvenirs taken by Marines with exceptional background and/or unique stories/documentation.


Marine Ship Detachment items from major naval engagements and those that warrant stars to ETO ribbon.

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Under the FAIR USE DOCTRINE of US copyright law, you are allowed to use excerpts or selections from a copyright work for educational purposes (and the primary purpose of this forum is education and research). It's always a good courtesy to acknowledge the source, if you know it.







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