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Bilko, looks like you've got some 1942 1st pattern Mountain Tent poles. There should be 4 of each section- looks like you're missing 1 upper and 1 middle section. These came with the early Mountain Tent which was made of coarse raincoat-like material in '42. I have 2 of them, and they both came with these exact poles.

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Can any one shed any light on these item?I suspect there Japanese?but would be interested if the u.s.



You have Mounain Tent poles (2 man, pup tent). I have several of the these tents, and those are the poles that came with them. They also show up in the reprints of the Quatermaster Supply Catalogs.


'Flage Guy gives dates, but one of the later tents use this style, also. May have been replacements or original, not sure there.


Hope this helps.






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