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WW2 Brittany Research Center

Battle For Brest

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Battle For Brest
Hi everyone,

Last month I created the WW2 Brittany Research Center.

The WW2 Brittany Research Center has mission to promote research and working memory on Brittany during the World War II, particularly during the events of the Liberation. By highlighting these events often little known sometimes see long forgotten. Lighting testimonials from veterans and civilians as well as the presentation of vestiges of times the best help to restore the vivacity memory of these events.

The WW2 Brittany Research Center aims to be a platform for multidisciplinary research combines history, archeology, sociology, literature, etc., to invest various themes and fields of research about Brittany during the World War II either through individual or group research.

The WW2 Brittany Research Center aims to be a tool for collaboration and thinking for all those who, on a daily basis, working to advance the knowledge of our history.

The first action was to invite and organize the visit of a 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion veteran in Brest on June, 3rd, 2014.

We continue to work to prepare for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Brittany.

And support us !

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