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Dave N

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I was digging through my fathers garage and found a box full of old parts for the PRR-9 and PRT-4. Most are still sealed. The majority are either slide harnesses or lanyards. Their are a couple electric horns and a few ear pieces as well. Anyone have any idea what surplus parts are going for? The radio sets are getting common enough, but vintage new old stock parts have to be quite rare to find.

Here is a listing of Stock Numbers, MFG PNs, and nomenclature with quantities.

5820-995-2285 / SM-B-523391 SLIDE HARNESS x3

5820-995-2261 / SM-B-523391 SLIDE HARNESS x10

5985-933-2879 / SM-B-523304 LANYARD ASSY x6

5820-995-2294 / SM-B-523304 LANYARD ASSY x8

5820-995-2258 / SM-B-523304 LANYARD ASSY x1

5985-933-2454 / SM-B-523304 LANYARD ASSY x8

5965-926-2591 / B-523427 HEADSET, ELECT x3

5965-933-2448 / 7300220 HORN, ELECTRIC x1



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