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Vietnam-period MK 13 Mod. 0 Distress Signal

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Hello all,

finally got after several years a period-original MK 13 Mod. 0 Day/Night Signal, as a very last survival item for my RF-101C pilot mannequinn of late '60s Vietnam.

Of course finding as been here in Italy, didn't even think about trying to get this from other countries.


In very good conditions and still to be ignited, it does have minor differences from a more modern one I already do own. The two flares will be pictured together for a visual comparation.




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A comparation between this 1965-dated flare, and a 1977-dated one from another of my displays.

Among first-glance differences, the two red plastic caps of the more recent specimen, instead of the pressed paper ones.


Greetings from Italy - Franco



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