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Philippine Division Patches

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I'm in the market for a Philippine Division patch, and poked on E-Bay, but I'm not getting good vibes off what they have. I think it's because the carabao head is missing the stitched outline that I'm used to seeing on WWII patches. What do you think?


Here's one offering:post-12383-0-56303300-1401775550.jpg

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For comparison, here's one that was sold on this site. Note the stitched outline around the head. This is what I'm used to with US WWII shoulder patches. Any thoughts on the authenticity of the others?



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Just different manufacturers


Agreed. The patches look good to me, especially the OD Border/Greenback.


WANTED: Philippine Department & Division patch variations, uniforms, & other items.
~In honor of Private Placido Conejos, 14th Engineer Regt. (Philippine Scouts). KIA on Bataan, 02/13/1942

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