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Lost Places - Training Area for the 3rd ID and other

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Interestingly Fund behind the old stock.


With over 70 empty and a full 30/06 cartridge cases my biggest cartridge case hoard ever.
between the shell casings was still a water bottle with rest content.

(Alois Reinhard, Mineralwasserfabrik, Aschaffenburg )


The cartridge cases and bottle are from a soldier of the 45th ID / 179th IR who came here in March 1945 by
I have used two hours to find all the cartridges.
Are all stamped with SL 42.





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Between BLASA and old forester house, i found a old tree with number 42 and swastika.


We are approaching the dark side B)



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Attention :excl: they are now entering the training area of the pioneers, Wehrmacht.


Old forester house built of the Wehrmacht. (Verwaltungsgebäude) 2013


Come to the dark side, we have cookies smil.gif






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