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Philippine Constabulary, Philippine National Guard, Philippine Army Hat Badges. Need your help.

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I am working on an article for the ASMIC journal, the Trading Post that will focus on hat badges for the Philippine Constabulary, Philippine Island National Guard, the Philippine Army and other obscure hat badges from the PI used during the Insular and Commonwealth periods. I have a pretty extensive collection of these hat badges, but want to make sure that I have not missed anything.


I have enclosed a photo of two of the badges I will include in the article, one a Philippine Constabulary hat badge that came into use in 1922 and a Philippine Army officers hat badge used prior to and during WWII.


I would welcome you posting photos of your Pre-WWII Philippine hat badges, and or period photographs of soldiers wearing the hat badges, and if by chance you have one that I don't have in my collection, I would welcome your permission to use the image in my article, providing you the credit line. Thank you for your help. Joe


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Here's a link to several various topics. I know they have a couple links somewhere in the batch discussing Philippine Scouts and National Guard forces. You might want to sift through the multiple pages to see what information exists and if anything might be of interest. There's another one that shows photos of the Philippine Campaign as well.


Not sure what else might be in there, as there is no real order or search function unfortunately.






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I think my grandfather in this photo is wearing the badge on the right in your photo








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