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F-86 Pilot - Survival Equipment - Korea, 1951

Blue Leader

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Blue Leader



Some survival equipment used by F-86 pilots during Korean War :


Vest, Radio, Carrier

Radio, Survival, RT-159A

Map, Escape, Silk from Korea and Japan, CL306 & CL307 scale 1:2 000 000 dated May 1951

Blood Chit dated Febrary 1951




A+ Mathieu


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To complete this interesting topic, here's a C-2A raft kit used at this time by USAF pilots.








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Sgt. Swigart



Thanks !

I am looking for the battery BA-1264/U and the power cable of the Radio Receiver-Transmitter RT-159A/URC-4.




A+ Mathieu


I sold one of those radios on Ebay some years ago. It was pretty corroded inside and out but still did pretty good as I recall.

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Does anyone know how far back (prior to 1951) 121.5 and 243.0 go back for emergency use?


The CRC-7, used prior to the URC-4 was tuned to 140.58. The "Gibson Girl" radio of WW2 fame was tuned to 500 mhz i believe. So, the URC-4 was one of the first 121.5-243.0 mhz radios.

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The original batteries were yellow as well. I have the long power cable attached which was used with the Radio Carrier Vest. The short cable is also shown. This cable was used when the radio was air dropped in a special container. I hope you have found both by now!


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