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How to shrink a photo from a iPhone/iPad to upload.

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There is a much easier way without having to change your iPad settings.


1. Take your normal photo.

2. Open the photo and click edit (only required to crop photo)

3. Crop the photo and save (only if you had to crop)

4. Email photo to yourself and choose the option small for photo size.

5. Open new email and save received photo.

6. The photo you sent to yourself is now 75k to140k well within required size.

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I'm aware of that process, I have tried it many times recently and it still was not working well for me. Most of the time the device doesn't ask me what size to send it (small, medium, large) which is why I went down this path. Uploading 1 photo to a post is no big deal but adding 3-4 photos is a bit more difficult. Since I am usually posting photos for reference, the more photos on a post the better. Between both our suggestions, most everyone should be covered! Thanks for sharing your process as well!

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Easy way...just post pic to your FB wall, news feed,profile, then click to save to *your pics* downsizes any pic , and then you can do it again to use as avatars on forums, where the size can be as small as 50x70(AHF among one.

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