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Morry Luxenberg 3rd Special Forces Beret Greasy Mess Clean Up

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I found an SF beret that had spent a few years in a commercial kitchen.


Over the many years it had acquired a coating of dusty grease.


This is what I did and here are the results.



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All that was needed was Dawn dish liquid, paper towels, cold water and soft toothbrush.


The cold water prevents the wool from fluffing up.


The Dawn liquid is the best grease cutter and works great in cold water.


Scrub 2 by 2 inch spots with the toothbrush and blot it with the paper towel as you go.


Here is a progress picture as it was 1/2 done.







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I was going to suggest dry cleaning but your method did OK

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I had a friend many years ago in Pa. who got me a jar of dry cleaning fluid.


That stuff just about cleaned anything.


The method used in this case was suggested by a friend in the vintage garment industry.


Here is a link to the grouping this came with.




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Dawn was used because it eliminates grease with cold water.


Warm water will cause the material to fluff up.


Trying to clean the green oxidation would be more harmful than helpful as it would spread the green all over the flash.


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Good to know. Very nice beret. I aquired a earl Combat control beret a while back. The badge was oxided pretty good. since the badge wapins were not bent to permantly affix it to the beret, I was able to remove and clean. Then I had second thoughts as to whether I should have done it or not.

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This one was well affixed to the beret.


In your case to remove the DI and wipe it off would be OK ( for me ) as long as the DI isn't damaged and some green is left to match the green stain on the beret.


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I have just used this thread to help me cleans some older 7th group Berets. I was a bit skeptical that they would clean up, but the look great! Once question. Is there anything that you suggest to use to help soften and preserve the leather headbands?

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