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USMC Multi-Purpose Bayonet Trials Lan-Cay Submission, Type A2

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Referencing Mr. Jim Maddox's 2002 web posing on the subject, I have what to me appears to be a A2 type Lan-Cay manufactured bayonet for the 2002 USMC multi-purpose bayonet trials. Aside from the descriptions in Mr. Maddox's article, were there any additional distinguishing characteristics for the Lan-Cay bayonet submissions? http://www.usmilitaryknives.com/jim_maddox.htm



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After reading the article, it sure seems like you have a genuine trial bayonet, or one that is made exactly the same. One concern (if that's the appropriate word) is that Lan-Cay understands the collector market and might have tried to capitalize on their failure to win the Marine contract by producing a bunch of trials bayonets for commercial consumption. If Lan-Cay only produced the few necessary for the trial, then you have a very special M9. My only other concern is whether or not the blade is the same color as the ones in the article. The blades in the article are not the usual sand blasted gray and they are not black either. They look blue-gray. Maybe just artistic lighting conditions. Thanks for showing it.


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Thank you for the feedback. The possibility of this being one of many Lan-Cay made, post competition commercial collectors items is my biggest concern. To come across one of the actual bayonets used in the trials is likely too good to be true. If it is one that was made for commercial sale, I have not seen come across any others, at least on-line, so maybe it was a small batch. I am thinking there is probably no way to know for sure if it is an actual trial bayonet, or a commercial collectors item. Either way, I am happy to have it as part of my collection of USMC associated edged weapons/tools. Again, thank you for the feedback.




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Nice find! This is the same configuration and markings as the 2002 trials bayonets. Notice that it is not marked "M9"and it is in the MOLLE scabbard. It's hard to say if this is an actual USMC trials bayonet or an overrun. But if there were additional pieces manufactured there weren't many. I have been an avid M9 collector since 1986 and I check the online auctions on a daily basis. I can say with some certainty that these have not shown up on the auctions. I did find one several years ago, but I can't remember any others.


When Lan-Cay closed their doors all of their bayonet stock and parts were sold. The person who purchased everything did have several of the trials bayonets. To the best of my knowledge he still has them. He also had a couple of the longer 8" bladed trials pieces but they were sold privately a few years ago.

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rifledoc1 ... I think you may have a Lan-Cay trials blade but mounted on a commercial ergo/black handle and black Molle compatible scabbard. This may have been an overrun blade. I believe the Lan-Cay USMC trials bayonet had the same scabbard but that and the handle were tan in color as depicted in Jim Maddox's page. If I recall correctly, the Marine Corps specifically requested desert tan bayonets during the trials and didn't want to entertain any other color bayonets. Only 21 samples of the tan trials bayonets were made. M9M4.com (page 41) has some additional background information and pictures of the USMC 2002 trials blades. I know there is a historian "Homer Brett" letter floating around somewhere that discusses the USMC Lan-Cay trials bayonet in detail. If I find it, I'll post it. FYI ... Lan-Cay did make some commemorative bayonets with the globe and anchor but those bayonets did not have the "USMC" markings. Nevertheless, you do have a unique and very cool bayonet!

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