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Thank you all for your kind words. It was a bit of work to put together but again pleased with the outcome. I had a great starting point as the building it is in was once a farm outbuilding and it was built in 1940, so the structure couldn't be any more authentic. McDuff, yes the club gets filled with smoke and music and the music I play on an old RCA (Made in England) hand crank phonograph that came from a former No. 1 RCAF pilot. If I remember correctly he told me he purchased it in the UK and he played it in his room at what I believe was Northolt. It's the "black box" you see on the table on the left hand side of photo #2. That is old 78's stacked on top of it and in the case beside it. Kat, here is one photo of a "bash' I had in October.



attachicon.gif O Club.jpg

I better be invited next time!!

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Thanks to fellow Forum member rus14 I now have a sign for the "O" Club. As you can see from the period photo it is the sign from the 4th Fighter Group at Debden UK. Obviously it is based on the 4th's, Eagle Squadron roots. This was the sign for the enlisted men's club but as far as I know the officer's club did not have a sign. Again, rus14 did a super job on this and I recommend him highly for any signage needs. As you can see he does great work.


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