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US COAST GUARD The Other Naval Service - USCG Patches

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Hamilton Class - The first jet powered High Endurance Cutters


The 12 Hamilton class High Endurance Cutters were commissioned from 1967 to 1972. The first Hamilton was a Treasury class WHEC torpedoed and sunk by U-132 in 1942. Her namesake and class leader USCGC HAMILTON was in service from 1967 to 2011. The Hamilton's were unique in that they were the first U.S. military vessels to employ the now common shipboard application of aircraft gas turbine jet engines with the use of controllable pitch propellers.



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USCGC CHASE (WHEC-718) When she was homeported at Boston The patch on the lower left is 1970's and the right is 1980's

You can tell the difference not only by the shades of blue - the older version has the hull number 718 on the side of the jet turbine

WHEC 718 USCGC CHASE 001.jpg

WHEC 718 USCGC CHASE 002.jpg

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USCGC BOUTWELL (WHEC-719) In service 1968 to 2016, being decommissioned and transferred to the Philippine navy.

A fully embroidered 1970's patch and welcome and a 2001 patch and welcome - Dope Patrol, to South America again, and again, and again,....



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Here's an interesting one. President Trumans Pirate Radio Station USCGC COURIER (WTR-410), commissioned as WAGR-410 she was the only Voice of America mobile radio station from 17 July 1952 to 13 August 1964 also earning the distinction of being the longest overseas deployment. Redesignated in 1965 as WTR-410, this patch reflects her reassignment to Reserve Training at Yorktown, VA.

President Trumans' Pirate Radio Station http://www.uscg.mil/tcyorktown/info/History/Cutters/courier.asp


Awesome patch! She was an obscure vessel. My dad did a couple summer cruises on her when she was a reserve training cutter out of Yorktown in late 60s. By the time he was on TAD there in the 80s, there were zero cutters there, only a couple 41s. Sad (for me...).

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Well, to round out this discussion begun waaaaaaay back in December 2013, here is a photo of USCGC Taney taken in Hong Kong Harbor after just receiving a paint job by Hong Kong Sally's crew. We were station ship for about two weeks during our Vietnam "cruise". The patch is original still in unopened plastic envelope just as I received it. I served on Taney for about 3 years (from January 1969 to March 1972) with a short temporary assignment to USCGC Resolute about one year before discharge from active duty. Final transfer off Taney was on the day she sailed for repositioning to east coast.


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