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I've been collecting since 20 years. I live in France.


I have always concentrated in US Army ETO WWII objects. I've always have a special interest for the 1st infantry division during WWII and specially during D-Day.


Here is some pictures about my collection.


I hope you enjoys the items.


Yukon Packboard - Early type (1st to the left) and late type






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Tents, Squad , M-1942


I've got two of this fabulous and rare model.


The first, from august 1944, which was named "Jacqueline's hotel" during a camp in Normand, 2004, at Omaha beach.




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Arrestors, Spark Tent M-1941 (stock number 65-N-1200) with rare Shields, Tent vitrous coated with eliptical hole (stock number 65-N-2295)


The picture show a Tents, Squad M-1942 with this particular items for the Stove Tent M-1941




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