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Clubmobile woman's patch jacket and etc.

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This came from a Red Cross Clubmobile Hostess working the 29th's sector in WW2. She also wore a "patch" jacket on which a lot of men she served sewed one of their patches. I have had one guy after it for a great number of years, but I wouldn't sell it.........he wants to cut the patches off it, and sell them off. I want to keep it, and keep it all together the way she wore it. She also gave me a set of POW wings that one of the guys gave her, and her original typed draft of a short book on her time across Europe as a Clubmobile Hostess........which she never tried to get published.









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Awesome jacket!


You're doing the right thing by not selling it to that patch pirate!

Looking for any WWII 104th "Timberwolf" Division items.

Including items from the 413th, 414th, and 415th Infantry Regiments 104th Recon Troop, 329th Engineer Battalion, 329th Medical Battalion

385th, 386th, 387th, and 929th Field Artillery Battalions 804th Ordnance Company 104th Quartermaster Company 104th Signal Company

555th Anti-Aircraft Battalion, 750th Tank Battalion 692nd Tank Destroyer Battalion 817th Tank Destroyer Battalion



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Neat item!I agree,that coat is way too cool to be cut apart for the patches.It's not damaged and is part of a grouping so there is no reason to do this.

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where never lark, or even eagle flew;

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Awesome jacket!


You're doing the right thing by not selling it to that patch pirate!

It also came with this, or this came with the jacket, whichever way one wants to say it. It was a gift given her by one of the guys in the 29th. Also she was given a P.O.W. wing from Barth by one of the guys who apparently escaped from there. She said they set up the Clubmobile just right behind the front lines so they were the first ones the GIs coming of the line saw.....and they were surprised and very pleased to be handed a hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, cigarettes or whatever they had at the time absolutely free. She said she often felt sorry for the guys, but also extremely proud of all of them!!! She is gone now, she died a few years ago so I heard.


I have other photos but they are too big to post with the attach file thing, and I don't know how to use this forum well enough to do it otherwise.






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That is a museum piece right there Ron. With those items together. I know that the San Diego Women of War display that I went to a few months ago would have loved this....and that helmet with those jackets would have been the coolest pieces.

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That is a museum piece right there Ron. With those items together. I know that the San Diego Women of War display that I went to a few months ago would have loved this....and that helmet with those jackets would have been the coolest pieces.

Thanks to you and the others who here have agreed that it was right to not let it be butchered. While I long ago made that decision totally on my own (in spite of the fact I would like to have had some of the patches as singles to display) without any help, but it is still nice to have people think you did the right thing.


Also, there will be no museum getting the stuff ever from me. Too much stuff gets stuck away and never cared for, or it gets "lost" and ends up being sold. In fact some museums sell off things for the money and the donors have no say so in it. I have been approached by more than one museum to donate things to them, and they will "give me credit for it"........I could care less about credit!! One such thing is the CMOH Paul Huff gave me. I have several times said "NO". I then tell them that I made him a promise that I would not part with it as long as I lived. Some people have countered with "he is dead now, so you are released from that promise"; I in turn inform them that he never asked me for that promise, but I had made it entirely on my own and that, since I was not dead my promise still stood!!! I also was offered $7,000 for it several years ago, and then a check made out to me for me to fill in the amount after I said no to the $7,000.............that got handed back with a question "what part of NO did you not understand". Of course now I couldn't sell it.......makes no difference since I made a promise long before the new "stupid" law (which ultimately will cause, sooner or later, all CMOHs to be lost forever one way or another....even if the government puts them in museums...which I doubt). It may cause many to somehow end up in foreign hands.


Thanks again but no museum for me, my son will get it along with my other things in all likelihood. Maybe a museum owned and operated by a private collector, but only one I was certain could be trusted and man would I have a document drawn up that would pin them down!!!




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Thats a beauty Ron


I saw a jacket from a nurse once covered in US and Brit insignias.She had a blanket also.


Thats a stunning helmet.Have seen one other 29er painted that way..

Thanks for posting.


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Hello Ron C.


Thank you for sharing. Very nice pics. I wonder if you care to share the name of the lady who used to own the jackets?




I wouldn't mind, except for one thing, those who know some about me and those who know me a lot all know I had a stroke and memory loss. I cannot remember her name anymore; however, that is not the end because she also gave me her original unpublished manuscript for a book she wrote on the Clubmobiles in WW2. It has her name and etc. and it is her story; however, I have been undergoing work on my room and house etc. for over 4 years now with various workmen, who have moved things, packed and re-packed stuff, and put it who knows where. Many things have disappeared. I don't know where it is.


Also my wife has been in the hospital a few times because of various problems, including but not limited to her liver transplant. I also have had problems with my back and my left knee and leg from old injuries. I cannot dig through stuff yet. I know I did not throw it away, and it is not the type of thing the workers would have stolen.



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Thank you for taking the time to share these great items with the group here. Anytime I see that you have posted a thread, I know that I am going to have my socks knocked off. This is no exception.



Never under-estimate the power of prayer.



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