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82nd Airborne WIA Normandy and KIA Battle of the Bulge Group


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Greetings ,
I was just looking through some the airborne highlights on our splendid forum and the soldier's grouping just stands out with historical significance and presence in some of the most harrowing and deadly and transformational historical battles of the history of air/ground unified warfare. Thank you and all Airborne collectors, for your dedication to preserving the history intact, of such a storied section of modern warfare which included this intrepid young man marked for participation in the pivotal battles marking the end of one of the most murderous and tyrannical regimes that came out of the age of reason, man determining he could be the standard, in and of his own appetites, lusts and desires, of what is morality and truth apart from the foundational biblical principles which undergirded the great Western civilization that once existed as it came to fruition out of the Reformation Faithfuls' efforts. 


For those of the counterreformation age of reason, Hitler (and of course Stalin) was one of their most preeminent demigods, because they represented the will to power that would validate man in the position of deity. Splendid example of one of the warriors chosen to put down that course of self deification and the resulting suffering of mankind that always follows it. Well done....

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Persian Gulf Command


  Very well said. Your words are poignant in that these items we collect and discuss in this Forum are the the artifacts of those who gave of themselves to honor their people and sacrifice for perpetuity of their way of life.




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I'm not sure how much this adds to what is already known but it gives a bit of detail about his service.  RIP


Williamsport Sunday Grit National Edition - January 21, 1945 -




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