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I had one, still might, in so-so shape similar to a casualty sleeping bag from Korea, white lettering with big AAF symbol w/Air Forces or Army Air Forces under it. Goose down filler. Removable sheet cover inside. Very soft and hot to use. I see them on ebay every now and again. late 1944 or early 45 dated. It was large and heavy. I believe it was to be used for the wounded. It had a lot of info on it. I can't remember if it survived our house fire. or not. I want to get another one someday.


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The AAF used the A3 sleeping bag....a big heavy very warm bag....not saying they didn't use the standard army bag too...but the A-3 side zipped all the way, had a sheet, kinda cool...and a big winged star...not sure when it entered service but was a WWII bag...43/44??


Kinda similar to the USMC 1950 comforter


I do recall A C47 crew chief telling me he slept a lot on his plane in Europe, using his sleeping bag, beat trying to find a tent and kept all his parts on his plane....crew chiefs never change : )

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Here is an A-3 bag from a B-26 pilot's group that I have.


USAAF Markings


Specification markings on the outer shell


Spec markings on the bag


" We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. "

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