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E-1 through E-3 stripes, '70s-'90s

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here are a batch of E1-E3 stripes, both GENDETS (General Detail/Non Designated) and Designated Strikers patches. The show subtal variations in style, manufacture and angle of stripes. First, E-1


OSSR, most likely a bust from OSSA


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Back of RMSR. some may ask why go to the trouble. Usually, when you gete busted at Captains Mast (Non Judicial Punishment, or Art. 32 for Army types, Office Hours for you Marines), there is a period of restriction to the command, with inspections in dress uniform every day. if you screw this up, you could then be charged with additional offenses. So, it behooves the young offender to get his gear squared away so as to avoid any further trips "Before the Mast".


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Non Designated SA (Seaman Apprentice), white jumper. We had one backing fabric for all blue uniforms and P-Coat. But we had seperate backing fabrics for white uniforms, Polyester for the white jumpers and the commercial private purchase white short sleve shirts, and a light cotton back for the Navy issue white shirts. And, yes, at times these were interchangleable depending on what was available and if any one noticed.


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