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Small US Cavalry collection from Italy

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Great looking collection! I finally had a chance to look at this thread on a PC and not my phone. Well worth coming back to see it in greater detail.


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A Mills cartridge belt, later subpattern, made at Watervliet Arsenal in blue-dyed canvas.

Loops are for 45-70 ammunitions. Then commander at Watervliet, Lt. Col. James Witthemore designed this last variation in a long series of bronze plate. The final "H"-shaped plate was cast (not stamped) and rather a massive piece of metal.





I recently acquired a blue cartridge belt. Can you confirm that this is authentic, and what era this belt would have been used. I haven't received it yet so I will have to provide a link to the "popular auction site". http://www.ebay.com/itm/262213344061?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Thank you in advance.

Best regards,




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Some additions in the last 12 - 14 months.
























This last shots not just for Cavalry weaponry, however it puts together my four Trapdoor-style longarms.  Carbine is a Model 1877/79 from year 1881


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Great photography skills, better than a Rock Island Premier Auction Catalog!


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And these, really the last couple pictures for this topic. Already posted elsewhere for the 'US Cavalryman' discussion, but here just as a better result (with more photo resolution) that ideally could close the collection. Thanx.








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A very fine thread! Great information and fantastic photography! Looking forward to your next topic! 

Always looking for items associated with the China Marines! Visit chinamarine.org



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Thanx so much Dirk, too kind,

Yes this one brought to end in last winter, has been my very last effort (through some 6 years) focusing on a US-related collection. My other plan, about getting 2-3 complete aviators in high altitude gear (all from former Eastern Block, virtually impossible to have any on US side) was it too, a very lenghty one  -   almost six years, and ended up last month. With that, my adventure in the collecting word came to a close; in fact, a thinning down on other typologies has already started.


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Thought about posting some shots of items already in collection years ago, but not yet shown here till now. They're a couple Cavalry carbines prior of the Springfield Mod. 1877, and one Infantry rifle Mod. 1888.

Here the carbines Spencer Mod. 1865 and the Sharps Mod. 1867  (50-70 conversion). together with the Springfield 1877 already seen in this topic:





detail of Sharps conversion 50-70:





the Sharps carbine between two variants of early Trapdoor infantry rifles (M-1866 and M-1868):





 Infantry Rifle Mod. 1888 (actually, a Mod. 1890):





Rifle and Carbine together:





the later carbine w/ Mod. 1885 sling, Mod. 1885  Cavalry ammo belt and Mod. 1881 holster (3rd Pattern) + Schofield revolver:



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Some great looking items.. and your photography skills are excellent too..


Thank you for sharing with us



"Pain is only Weakness Leaving the Body"

MSG Leigh E Smith Jr
US Army (Retired)






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Too kind Leigh, Thanx very much.

Here a couple last shots of all my military long guns, even though not entirely from Cavalry  -    some Infantry rifles are depicted too.






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10 hours ago, sundance said:

Wow, that is one nice collection. Congrats. I know these are all old models. Do they have to be deactivated where you are?


Thanx very much for appreciating.  Not, they do not need any deactivation in Italy  -  however, here the firearm license is mandatory even to keep the antiques. I already had it in order to have at home some modern revolvers and auto-pistols, so no problems in this sense.

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