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B-18A Bomber


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General Apathy



Hi Sgt Bilko, thanks for starting this post, I love all the aircraft color shots, however I was amused by all the blue bombs on the trailer. I have attached a photograph of my cabin hand luggage twelve years ago when I returned from a trip to the States. I rolled up at the check-in, let the girl deal with my paperwork and passport got myself booked on the aircraft. Then I said ' could I see someone from security' she asked why ? was I carrying weapons, and I said no aircraft bombs. Well the guy from security turned up and I explained that I had two aircraft practise bombs, and that I would like them checked over before boarding. I got away with it then but I don't think you will any longer, times have changed. Cheers ( Lewis ) p.s you can see the airline luggage label attached to the closed box.

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Jan 2007 page 45 says that there is one at McChord Air Museum

undergoing restoration; They also have a B23A on display.




I think I just read a piece on this old Bird....In FlyPast


Semper fi


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