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CVG/W and COMCARGRU's Air Groups, Air Wings & Carrier Groups

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Nice patches posted so far. I'm adding this Japanese made CINPAC one because it probably does not fit into the other groups posted. This patch is back patch size . A few wrinkles but great Japanese work. This patch came with the Operation Blue Shark patch I posted before.



When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"
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Carrier Air Group Seven (CVG-7) (20 May 1952-8 Jan 1953) CAG CDR. Gaylord B. Brown

During the Korean War, the air group flew close air support strikes, attacks on industrial facilities and supply line interdiction missions from the deck of USS BON HOMME RICHARD (CVA-31)

Squadron Aircraft Tail Code
VF-71 F9F-2 L
VF-72 F9F-2 L
VF-74 F4U-4 L
VA-75 AD-4 L
VC-4 Det 41 F4U-5N NA
VC-33 Det 41 AD-4NL SS
VC-12 Det 41 AD-4W NE
VC-61 Det N F2H-2P/F9F-2P PP
HU-1 Det HO3S-1 UP



CVG 7 CVA 31 KOREAN WAR 001a.jpg

CVG 7 CVA 31 KOREAN WAR 002a.jpg

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CAPT Gaylord B. Brown - CAG CVG-7 Legion of Merit w/V


Shot down 4 Japanese planes in WWII. 450 arrested ldgs - straight deck carriers. Carrier Air Group (Korea) & Fighter Sqdn (WWII) Commander.

Flew F2F, F3F, F4F, F6F, F8F, F9F-8, F9F-6, F9F-5, AD, F4U

CVG 7 CVA 31 KOREAN WAR 003.jpg

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