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Click your mouse and help a bunch of "Old Salts" SOS


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One major difference between the USS Slater, DE-766 and other historical ships is that she no longer is owned by the Navy. She belongs to you (Navy veterans) and to history! She receives no government funding. Yet, she is one of the best and most completely restored ships in the country. She is a tribute to the sweat, elbow grease and dedication of the Navy vets that crew her! She is a proud memorial to all who served on her decks and those that sacrificed for our freedom.


Her success has been possible by the small contributions and tours that fund her continuing to be a "living" museum. Since every little bit counts (a sailor can do a lot with $5,000), you can help contribute by just voting for her in a local funding program. The Albany, NY newspaper has a program that annually awards money to worthy causes. The USS Slater has made it the final round this year.


All you need to do is visit the link and vote! Since she is scheduled to head to the shipyard for hull repairs next week. She can use all the funding that can be found!




So, help your shipmates keep chipping and painting and VOTE!


You would also be helping bring her one step closer to "haze gray and underway again! OK, maybe not Haze Gray! But, how aboute Measure 32?





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