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In 1943 an AAF First Aid Kit was installed on an Pilot's Chute it survived and it's STILL ATTACHED!

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Folks I am reposting information from and earlier thread as it was way down and I wanted to highlght this rarity!


First Aid Kit: Picture shows that the rigger installed the kit by tying it tight with knots then he added an inspection string through each strap. This string goes through the strap into the harness, back out the harness and back through the strap, then is tied in a knot. Four inspection strings are shown in the photos. In summary it is my opinion from the pictures: kit straps appear intact/original/soiled with no rips, holes, frays or rot in the fabric. I believe the kit has been on the rig since it was professionally installed by the rigger 5-26-43 as these photos show the four heavy inspection threads, one on each strap, all are still intact.


Parachute seat is marked "42-291803AAF", interior marked with pilots name and "ESLER FIELD LA". This pilot's survival gear is also marked "Pioneer Parachute Co. Manchester" and the inspection lead seal is still intact as the photo shows. Since I did not break the lead seal, to inspect further, the condition/existence of the canopy/lines is unknown but assumed to be inside.

Parachute Log Book is in pocket between seat and parachute: front cover w/ pen entry reads Ser. No. 42-291803; 1st page reads: Type AN-24 Seat; Part No. AN-6510-1; Mfg:8/42 Pioneer; Contract No. W525AC26568; Stations: R.A.D.; Alamo Field; Abilene AAB; Esler Field La.; Muskogee AB Okla; 2nd page is signed in ink "Lt Evans"; 3rd page has eight entries starting 12-10-42 and ending3-4-44; Last two pages is the "Technical Instruction Compliance Record" with four pen entries; last entry being the installation of the "Packet, First Aid, Parachute installed 5-26-43" and last inspected "1-15-44"; First Aid Kit unopened/contents unknown'







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