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U.S. Navy, Aviator's Kit Individual WW2? what went into it?

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These are the two war time produced cases. First pattern or first production was made using HBT material with all other identifying features being the same. Identifying features include stamped Red Cross US NAVY, stamped black stock number typically on back belt loop, decorative glove snaps and a distinctly different colored label.


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The case you have would have still included the original designed insert and supplies. But later a new insert was devised and would be more correct for your case. The case you have are a dime a dozen very common with thousands of them released surplus in the 1990's.

Pictured here is the insert included in the WWII model comprising of two halves taped together and when opened reveal the contents.


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Hi Dustin


Your post war example of the insert looks like a US Forestry item to me. Are you sure of that ID? They issued a very similar version of this kit during Vietnam. Do you have an example?






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