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ID'ed specimen in my "Blood Chits" collection.


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Hello all + Sam R,


Happy Summer.


I think Franco is totally correct in his explanation.


1) The silk chits are older pre-mid 1943 and with the Nationalists' Commission on Aeronautical Affairs stamp in the middle--no exceptions--for CATF pilots (the 25,000 rotating USA airmen after the AVG Flying Tigers).


2)When the 14th Airforce was in full bloom from December 1943 to Feb 1946 with almost 55,000 airmen rotating into CBI, the mulberry trees around Kunming were totally bereft, so no more food for the silk worms. See aerial shot of wartime Kunming and its hinterlands in another blog. So the Commission on Aeronautical Affairs joint group allowed the USA to print in rayon and other material the rescue bloodchits with those authorised numbered ¨chops¨  or stamps of the Commission, to show rescuers that the Americans were helping China.


3) The third class of bloodchits were the souvenir chits in all sorts of material from the summer of 1945, as Admiral Nimitz' fleets reached the Chinese coastline. So many navy men landing on mainland friendly scatter fields, departing souvenir-hunting airmen, ground crew of the 14th Airforce & the 10th Airforce (moved up from Assam, British India to Shanghai mid 1945) accounted for over 100,000 returning soldiers wanting to bring proof of their CBI adventures. So, you can expect all sorts of permutations.


4) The 4th class of bloodchits are the fakers from India or Peshawar in Pakistan or anywhere else in that 1943-1946 period up to even today (from China & Taiwan itself). So any doubt on threads under the U/V light, don't waste your family time. Better enjoy eating a yummy pastry than losing money over a fake. Heheehehahhahajejeje. Not worth talking about. Stay away from this type, please.


Thanks a lot, BlueBookGuy/Franco--my good friend--for letting me chime in to share more knowledge to our fellow hobbyists and collectors. Stay safe, nowadays, all!!










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Capt Lloyd W. Lemay's Blood Chit, he served in the AAF, CBI Theater, (brother to General Curtis Lemay). Received from son Kurt Lemay

Silk Embroided US Capt Lemay.JPG

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Here is a chit, I have not seen another. It looks period printed on cotton material.

National Chinese on Printed on Cotton .JPG

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