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M1956 4 Pocket Jacket in Army Green

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This is a uniform that I had purchased quite a few years ago, long before I collected named uniforms. This uniform always puzzled me due to the fact that it had no Combat patch, no overseas bars, but should the traces of a large ribbon rack & cib. The jacket was marked H 2980, along with the shirt, pants, & several fatigues (they also lacked a cib or combat patch). Upon a further inspection several years later I noticed a piece of a lining of a service cap that had the serviceman's full name & serial number. I was able to find him in the NARA enlistment records, and then I was surprised to find him in the POW records (I always check both). My first response from NARA just gave me basic awards & stated the old "lost in the fire of 1973" line. Well I was more lucky in my second attempt. Today a large packet arrived and it included the info on what medals he was awarded, unfortunately most of the other info was post WWII, so I am still unsure exactly what unit he served with during the war. I was able to restore his ribbon rack with period 1950's ribbons I had. All I need is a GC device with 5 knots, and a few qualification awards. I am glad I was able to but the history back with this uniform, and hopefully will be able to find out more info about SFC Howard A vernon.



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