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BA-xx series, "force-deployed" parachutes?

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Hello all the people,

I wish to exploit here thanks to any collectors of modern 'chutes who might want to share any infos, a "old" question (for me at least) about a unknown model wich was proposed to me in past years by a fellow collector here in Italy, and again in last weeks. Do not know whether will go on with the business, the item itself could be interesting.


While waiting for some pics from him (cannot find out anything on the web) I can state it's a modern parachute, the harness being the classic design from BA-18 on. Same double Capewells, same cloverleaf handle and all the auto-release fittings etc., the big difference is the pack itself - not longer the unmistakable squared and thick pack, having that central "flap" shaped like a hexagon a bit elongated (and hiding a vertical zip).

This one goes a little back as for outside shape, please imagine a slightly longer and slightly thinner pack, closed by two more classic flaps running vertically and overlapping about mid-widht od the pack. A wide, sewn-on cloth band (brick-red in color) runs centrally from the very top of pack, down to the flaps and will ends under them - so, only that portion visible.


He told me this was a subvariant of the BA-xx series (Ba-24?) with pyrotechnic devices for a "forced deployment" use, when worn by F-106 pilots who sit on the new generation of zero-zero seats fitted to airplanes at a certain point of the career. Could there be something like a true drogue-guns inside the pack?

Some white-stencilled words are on the red band, possibly warning for the presence of those devices.

This is the best I can explain the whole thing, curiously it would seem somehow difficult to obtain any pics. Personally I saw the parachute many years ago, do not remember well it.


Any help very appreciated. Thanks!!


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was forgetting, if somehow helpful:


auto-opening system is the one having the vivid red "ball" (so I call it, despite not being a ball) with attached the classic lanyard enclosed in the long coiled spring - not that plastic orange "box" containing the wound-up steel cable, so much often seen about mid-'60s to early '70s I believe.

And, the handle doesn't yet feature that small ring (somehow a "swelling" of handle) about 1/3 down its lenght, intended to keep in the lower portion the red hook when clipped to it.


Thanks - Franco

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Hello again,


matter doesn't exist anymore 'cause the parachute went away quickly to another collector - I was still awaiting, in case the (alarming) price would have gone something down.

I can say for certain that model (or, subvariation?) parachute I already noticed in the past being worn in photos, by F-105 and F-106 pilots. The brick-red central band on the pack wich ran from top, down to under the closure flaps was unmistakable. What I'm not certain about, is whether in case of F-105 pilots it could be from post-Vietnam period.


I so presume, but cannot state this just by identifying their flight suits as CWU-73/P - they first were in use from late 1969, and well established as the standard USAF suit by early '70s, even in Vietnam.


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read the link, at best of my understanding...

a bit "too much" technical, the matter :D (of course, being it a T.O.) but interesting indeed as for that internal component I was searching for - the explosive device wich does start the forced deploying action.

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