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This will be a very high quality update. I will be offing an amazing STURMGESCHUTZ album from my private collection! We will have a large number of US WWII 8th Air Force photo albums & groupings - more than we have ever offered on one update! Also you will find a great 34th Division officer uniform grouping with a great DIARY with combat content from Italy, a four-album grouping to a US GI with nice MONTE CASSINO photos, a super rare and historically important US Regimental Commander document grouping to a TRIPLE DSC winner & also awarded the British DSO (!!), an amazing 29th Division wartime engraved SILVER STAR awarded on D-DAY to an officer! Several other officially engraved Purple Hearts & Air Medals, a truly amazing WWI album to a female YMCA worker, filled with $2500 worth of WWI patches and insignias, two very good US WWI AIR SERVICE albums with great airplane photos and insignias, a super WWII 94th Division album grouping with good combat photos (including Lorient) & three original, unpublished photos of PATTON, one of the best WWI German officer's album groups we have ever offered - massive albums with appx 900 photos! another good German WWI album group to a Stab officer in the Grosseshauptquartier (Supreme Headquarters) with many original private photos of HINDENBURG, a super grouping of GI "souvenirs" taken from the Japanese SUBMARINE I-14. original Concentration Camp photos, and much more! Don't miss this one!





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Has anybody heard from this company lately? I paid 450$ for a named Silver Star from an 80th Infantry Division soldier in february but I haven't received it yet. The last reply to one of my inquiries via emails dates back to april 7 th! I hope they are allright!

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