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Collection from Italy: #3 F-86E Pilot, Korea 1952-53

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  • 6 years later...

hello all,

think it could be time for a newer and better set of photos for this guy, those previously taken years ago were decidedly ugly (mostly, simply awful).  With a better lighting, backdrop, and some more knowledge these should give a bit more justice in my opinion.


























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Great collection of gear! But, I have one small authenticity issue with the patch. It is a 334th TFS era one from the 60s-80s. The KW one would have been larger, with black tabs not blue. It also would have been worn on the chest, usually with the pilot's name. I know they are not easy to find;  I included mine here. Not criticizing your fantastic efforts here, just making you aware if you already were not.




MSgt USAF (Ret)

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Randy thanx very much for appreciating! 

As for that patch, yes the same thing has been already brought to light by another Forum member, maybe two, who expressed some doubts. My fault, 'cause a tiny thing like removing it from the suit I always postpone. When I got it many years ago at a militaria event here in Italy I could choose between the WW2 vintage K-1 summer flight suit and one Korea-era blue model, both were attractive but I got the khaki one having the patch already sewn on.

Cannot state I was looking exactly for a 334th F.S. patch, no reasons for that; a Korea-based mannequinn was in my mind but could have been a F-80 pilot as well, for example.  Will do ultimately this modification, in fact no reason to have in full view a wrong piece among the other good ones.

Thanx for your confirmation too.  Franco.


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Thanx very much Paul,

it took decidedly too much time to put together this guy, I duly stumbled here and there into difficulties and inaccuracies back then in non-internet times  😓  -   all the items here came from within Italy, or France in a couple instances. Vintage photos from books and/or magazines were helpful but many a detail were too often hard to clearly see and study.

The raft in its case came six years after starting the thing, thus ending the guy  -  aside for a very few and small mods in order to enhance, where requested.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Franco, very complete set. Unfortunately 1950/60s era flightgears sets seem to be scarce on the forum! 😉


Patches were not really used on flightsuits at this time in USAF as they were on flight jackets.


One example of the 334th patch I've kept from my own former US jet era collection. Hope this helps.




L-2A 334th FIS 003 USMF.jpg

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Thanx for appreciating Franck, as well as for those GREAT photos!!  Very nice pieces, you have (or, had) a impressive collection.

Yes that shoulder patch isn't correct  -   back then I had been tempted by this K-1 having already it sewn on, but maybe it was better if I'd have gone on the blue L-1 like your's (it was available too, that same morning at the militaria event). Will remove it, definitely.

Please just a couple questions: I like especially the back-style 'chute with the box-type closure, is it a variation from the B-10 of late WW2 ?  And, was the Navy MK-2 Life Vest sometimes used by USAF airmen as well ? Thanx!!



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This one is a 1945 dated B-10. But yes, there were B-11, B-11A and B-12 variation in the end of the 40s and early 50s. I don't have my docs near me. But I think I remember that B-12 version was the ultimate variation of this parachutes generation and that it had the green harness.


Oh yes! USAF pilots were often using USN MK-2 vest. We can see a lot of pictures illustrating this fact.




39th FIS.jpg

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