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Collection from Italy: #2 P-38 Pilot, Tropical Environment


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In the end if you are pleased with the look, that is what really matters. Nothing wrong with striving to get it just right, but it seems to me with all the variety seen in equipment on WW2 fighter pilots, that unless you are trying to match a particular photo, there is always room for your own interpretation.

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hello all, took very recently some pictures at this guy (and a couple more as well) to have decent pics in my PC's files - I'm exploiting that to have some of them posted here, in fact those taken back then in this topic are decidedly disappointing as for resolution, colors, background etc.


Just for the sake of having something more colorful, and nicer to watch. Franco.



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...and here, together with a couple mates from USN and USMC. Just a very minor re-touching as for small details and the trio should be complete.





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Great photos, thank you. I think when you've completed your "very minor re-touching" we need a thread on your new Marine pilot too. Looking forward to it.

Regards, Paul

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Thanx very much Paul, too kind.

Just a couple more pics here of the two 'rivals', then two-three small mods for the Marine and Navy guys and I'll be glad to have the newest pilot posted in details in the existing discussion "US Navy Pilot'.

Regards - Francvo.



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Of course Jerry. Will do, and thanx to you and Paul for so many suggestions.


And, wish a Great 2019 for all !!! Franco.

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