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World War I War Service Chevrons

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On the topic of A.E.F. members who had served previously with the Allied armies of Europe, this letter from the January 4, 1919 issue of "The Army-Navy Register":



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On 9/1/2014 at 1:14 AM, patches said:

Wanted to add this summer of 1950 photo of a M/Sgt at the Seattle Port of Embarkation. An unknown NCO of the Technical and Administrative Services (the old Army Service Force redesignated July 1946), we see he's wearing the WWI Overseas Chevrons,two of them, but he's got Five Service Stripes, meaning he has between 15 and 17 years of service. If he was in for the long haul . Clearly a soldier who got out of the Army for a number of years after the Great War ended and Re-Upped, some time in the 1930s (maybe because of the Depression?)



Speaking of, "...he would be one of those guys we've seen with his Hashmarks up to his epaulets by 1950 :lol:."  Well, here you go.  Based on the unit patches, the photo likely dates to the Korean War era/Korean area of operations.




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Hi all, what an amazing post and comments! I am someone might be able to help me determine what type of WW1 uniform I have in my collection. I believe it is a WW1 french uniform, but I am a bit puzzled by the "chevron-like" badge on the left sleeve. As you can see, the chevrons are gold and are V shaped, pointing downwards (see 1 & 2). However it is my understanding that French units used chevrons to denote service time and all of the images and material I have seen have these pointing UP in a tipi like shape (see attached 3 & 4). I would appreciate it if anyone has any insight/input. Thank you!





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