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KIA Iwo Jima, PFC Frank E. Holec USMC-R

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Hi - I am reaching out to 'American Heritage' because I recently came across this post from 2014 re your collection of various military artifacts from a PVC Frank E. Holec.  That Frank Holec happened to be my uncle.  Of course, I had never met him but when I saw his photo show up on this website, I knew it was him from seeing his photo in my mother and grandmother's homes all my life.  I grew up in Yakima, where he did as well, but I no longer live there, however I am still in Washington State.  I have no interest in your collection, but would love to know anything more you can share.  I was so surprised by your postings that I had to join this website and thread in order to hopefully contact you. I am amazed at how extensive your collection is.  I've learned a lot about my uncle from reading your posts. Please reply if you have time.  I would love to hear from you.  Linda

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