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SOS 2014 Photos - for those of us not as fortunate...

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You bet! I was sick when I first heard this, and very, VERY glad to confirm that it turned out not to be the case.


It was a pleasure to meet you at the show, by the way.



Likewise! You guys had an excellent booth, with lots of good prices on uniform pieces for guys like me who like to restore named uniforms. Here are my show highlights:


-A named WWII Armor Officer uniform with minimal insignia and upon running the name through google found he had been KIA. (I about fell out of my chair)


-Named 1st Sergeant Ike from a guy who served with 701st TD BN from Kasserine to the Po Valley


-A nice possibly researchable 12th Armored Div Infantry uniform with CIB, a PH ribbon bar, and an ETO Base patch on the cuff - very unique.

Afghanistan Vet OEF 10-11 - Engineer Corps US Army.

Getting a medal means two things:

1. Someone saw you do it.

2. You didn't tick off the approval chain.
Seeking 984th Engineer Co (Land Clearance), 36th Engineer Regt/Bde, and Sanitary Corps items from all eras.


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Do you recall the dealer selling these helmets?

Unfortunately, I do not. I was a little dissuaded by the seller after seeing the other reworked helmet set he had for sale. All I did was snap a quick photo and moved on.



This crowd has gone deadly silent, a Cinderella story outta nowhere. Former greenskeeper and now about to become the masters champion....Carl Spackler

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Does anyone remember seeing this uniform and if it was for sale? I'm curious to see what the asking price would be.

I remember seeing that in pictures of previous shows.





Uniforms, Insignia, SSIs, Badges, Medals, Ribbons

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Thanks! You are correct, I followed a link from this tread thinking it would take me to pics of the 2014 show but I was actually looking at 2013.

I remember seeing that in pictures of previous shows.







Always looking for General Officer Items, Special Forces Uniforms, Colt 1911's, M1 Garands.

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